Turning your note sheets into finished tracks




We know how tough it may

be to hire an entire symphony orchestra and have it recorded in a professional studio.

Yet when you have composed a piece, have it on your note sheet or in a notation DAW, and would like to present it publicly, we have

a simpler solution to turn it all into a live-sounding release. Simply give us the notes and get an orchestral track.

Sometimes a recorded part doesn't perfectly correspond to the tempo. Sometimes a vocal note sung goes just a tad out of tune. Sometimes you need to have two takes seamlessly glued together. Such tasks can be assigned to our sound team who have a range of great modern tools for making your audio ready to be mixed without additional surgery.

The final polishing. It is

a must when you want your

track to sound as loud and

clear as other tracks of that

style, or have it adapted,

so that it sounds great on

a mobile phone or a tablet.

While mixing makes

the instruments go together 

well, mastering brings out the

best in a track by working

on very subtle things that

change perception.


The Live Sound

  • Your notes or MIDI turn into living instruments

  • Release-ready tracks

The Parts

  • If you want a single instrument recorded, such as a grand piano or a trumpet. we're on it

The Edit

  • A track with problems solved: parts synced to tempo, proper vocal pitch and noise cleaned

The Master

  • A loud and bright mix with instruments and effects working in a true ensemble


Any track you'll find in our royalty-free music section was produced, mixed and mastered by our team, so that'll pretty much show you what we can do.

We use several music production facilities equipped with amazing gear and allowing us to cover almost any genre.

This, bundled with some of the world's best software, gives us quite a nice creative range, when it comes to both electronic and live music.

And, if you want a specific approach, we team up with the world's greatest engineers.

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Let The Game On - Soundexter
Saw It - Soundexter.jpeg
That Creepy Gait - Soundexter.jpeg
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The Dancing March - Soundexter.jpeg
Engrooving - Soundexter.jpeg
Between The Lines - Soundexter.jpeg
Nobody To Call - Soundexter.jpeg

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