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Soundexter.com is a small team of versatile composers and performers who have set one major goal – to bring you great licenseable music and real audio solutions


The market of music is well-developed today, saturated with various types of content of different quality and prices. It’s an amazingly huge market, but not a perfect one.


As audio guys, we’ve spoken to many filmmakers, game developers and choreographers and they often tell us a lot of things are missing and finding music often takes hours if not days. And we decided to do what we can to handle that in terms of royalty-free music.

And here's what you get:


that's royalty-free

First off, it’s about the actual content. Melodies. We try to mainly be composers of main themes and signature tracks without boundaries or cliches.


A million of stock-sounding background tracks can easily be found out there, but we know it’s incredibly hard to find a soundtrack people will remember at a reasonable price, so we focus on this, avoiding cheesy and banal music.



Seamlessly trimming the track to your needs is crucial in most projects, however, not all video editing and game making software offer enough functionality.


And, in fact, editing a WAV master track is sometimes not an easy thing even for an audio professional, especially when it comes to tempo – changing the speed does ruin the quality (but is absolutely necessary if your gameplay speeds up, for example).


All these things are on us – for a small fee, we can give you a custom-edit version of our track you choose, or multiple tempos, tailored to the structure of your project.


trimmed or loopable versions of the length you need

if you have a final video, we can make the track follow the scenes in it

different tempo versions if the tension rises (such as when a game speeds up)

the format that matches your file size requirements



Once you’ve found a perfect track, the hardest thing now is to find its match. While two tracks may sound perfect on their own, they often don’t complement each other in the context of one movie or game.


This is why we make bundles – little playlists made of tracks that were recorded with exactly the same or similar instruments, so you save your time searching.

And they're all sold at discounts.


But why actually download a pre-made track, if you can have a bespoke tune tailored to your needs from the start, and implement exactly your creative idea in music? A great thing to have even in an indie movie or game, but it normally costs more – and we have decided to make it affordable.


We can write a high-quality custom score for your project, exactly what you want, at a rate that’s much lower than what bespoke music would usually cost.


No, we ain’t crazy, it’s just that we’ll retain the right to license this music to other people too. We strive to make really great tracks – and in most cases, we know we can sell them further, so there’s no difference to us financially. Of course, you can also purchase exclusive rights now or later.

PERSONAL APPROACH and free demos

TIMELY DELIVERY with distributed roles

Working together on a creative product is always a personal connection, so let’s talk! We aren’t a machine with countless support managers and pre-programmed answers but a group of people who will personally take care of music in your project. We’re absolutely happy to have a call, discuss the project and give advice when we can.


Even when a person has a great portfolio, it may be a good idea to learn what their work turns out to be exactly in your project. With us, you can get a demo free of charge, so you can better understand if our views match yours. And it’s not that we have another lifetime for making music for free – once again, we strive to make really great tracks as demos too and we will find a way to use them further.

So, no commitment or fees for that.

We understand deadlines are tough at times, and it's hard to get creative work done well within limited timeframes. It's true that committed artists are not robots even if they create for practical purposes, and a great result requires some inspiration, which can hardly be drawn artificially.


For such cases, we use our team work in order to optimize delivery times. That is, an audio crew can work on a project simultaneously, where one member's writing parts, another's recording, another's editing, etc. This lets all of us take some time and not compose cheesy tunes in a rush, at the same time not letting preparations take forever.

We make schedules optimized organization-wise to ensure you get the best possible combination of terms and creative results.



“Your sales are important to us. Yeah, it’s a strange phrase to hear from a person who makes royalty-free content. But it’s simple as this: the success of your project means you, your partners or friends will be more likely to hire us another day, so we do our best to make the project thrive. In my view, being part of the team is the only way to establish great business relationships.”

Nikolay Konstantinov, Founder

“I like to say pricing here is flexible. There are two components - music and rights. So if you like our style and have a fixed budget, you can choose to get more original music and less rights - or less music and more rights, all within that amount. Or even a model like "less fees - more music - more credits" could work if that's something we both are interested in. The goal is to give you as much flexibility as possible.”

Mickey Devall, Head of Composers