Our licenses


Perfect for Web or non-commercial use

  • Web advertisements

  • Corporate videos

  • Student and festival films

  • Wedding videos

  • Social media

  • Videogames

  • Unlimited projects



No limits on project budgets, the number of copies or territory

  • TV advertisements

  • Radio advertisements

  • Any other broadcasting

  • Theatrically released films

  • Theater production

  • Music: one media project

  • SFX: unlimited projects



Anything else you might want

  • Create derivative music

  • Custom editing & arrangement

  • Charity projects (at a discount)

  • Custom remixing

  • Stems available

  • Unlimited projects for music

  • or an Exclusive License

By purchasing a license you agree to the terms of our License Agreement


Equip yourself with a collection of sound effects

When it comes to SFX, the extended license extends further.

Use them multiple times, in many creative works of yours, not having to purchase a separate license each time.

In other words, you pay once and use them forever. And many are available for free.

Grab sound effects today, and use them in as many of your projects as you want.

Licenses F.A.Q.

Do I need to pay anything for using a track after licensing?

No. We don't charge anything for using the tracks under our licenses, the tracks are all royalty-free. You make a payment when you purchase a license for a track, that's it. However, please note that you should only use the track under the purchased license.

I have a charity project. Can I get a discount?

Absolutely. We encourage and support good initiatives. Charity projects may be given up to 100% discounts,

but you will need to contact us for more details.

Is there "a limit of copies" or "audience coverage" which may affect my Extended license?

No. We do not mind if it's played on a local or national radio, or if's in a video that gains 5 billion views. We're happy about your success and don't charge extra.

Can I transfer a purchased license or sublicense a track to anyone?

No. A license is only granted to the purchaser. If you wish to buy a license on behalf of someone else or as a gift, please contact us and give us the details.

Can I get a refund?

If an error happened. Purchases on Soundexter are non-refundable, so please read our License Agreement and Privacy Policy to make sure you agree with their terms. If you received a download link to a track that's different from the one you've purchased a license for, please contact us with the details and you will be sent another link.

Are Soundexter licenses non-exclusive?

Yes. Our licenses you can purchase through the website are non-exclusive. This means more than one person can license a track for their projects under these licenses. You can, however, purchase an exclusive license as a custom license, for which you will need to contact us to negotiate the conditions. Please note that if you purchase an exclusive license for a track, and this track has already been licensed by someone else under our Basic or Extended license, the purchasers of such licenses will keep all the rights they were granted, but we will immediately stop selling the track further.