Is all this music copyright clear?

We have composed, produced, mixed and mastered every track on this website by ourselves. In the course of creation, all the gear and software we've used was used legally. Thus, we do not believe there will be any copyright or software use claims. 

If there is any entity that makes such a claim, we are asking you to report such a case

to us, and we will take care of that.

What's the best way to contact you?

At the moment, we are happy to provide you with support by email and live chats when we're online. Yet, we are continuously improving our services and look forward to implementing phone support, and we can schedule a call at a time that's convenient for you. We do our best to respond to emails in a timely manner,

so we usually do that within 24 hours.

What languages do you speak?

Our support and website are currently in English only, however, we may also use other languages in the future.

Are you hiring?

We do at times collaborate with composers of various genres when creating custom tracks with specific requirements. If you'd like to take part, send links to your works to and we will contact you should a suitable project appear.


What happens when I purchase a license?

A link to the track you've purchased a license for is sent to your email. By clicking it, you will be able to download the track. That personal link should be valid for at least 15 days. 

What format do I get the file in?

The downloadable track will be a .wav file (usually 48 kHz, 24-bit), which you can easily convert into a smaller-sized format with help of an audio or video converter.

In case you are having trouble converting a file or require a different format, please contact us, as we may have a downloadable version of that too. On the website,

you hear mp3 tracks for faster loading.

Are the downloadable tracks virus-free?

Yes. We check each file with for viruses or errors before uploading. We don't use any pirated software or visit websites with a doubtful reputation, and do protect our workstations with anti-malware technologies. Please contact us if you're having any trouble downloading a track.

Can I download shorter/looped versions of a track?

If you would like to get an edited version of a track of ours, let us know and we'll do it for you. Unlike some other websites that offer a master track only, we are ready to handle your editing tasks. For a really small additional fee, you get a version that is tailored to your needs. Specific timing of a video? Following the scenes for emotional involvment? A short loop for a video game? Easy. 

How long are the tracks on Soundexter?

Lengths may vary, depending on the purpose of a track (some sound logos or

trailer-like intros will only be about 15 seconds long, whereas other ones will be much longer, for example, 6-8 minutes). However, we try to keep all our tracks somewhere in between 2-3 minutes, to make them work in the maximum number of cases.

Are all the tracks mastered the same way?

Not always. Each track has its own characteristics and sound which depend on the genre, the set of instruments used and the ideas of our creative team. While some of them may sound similar sound-wise (such as in Bundles that are made to save you some time searching for matching tracks), others will be diametrally opposed. For example, EDM and metal tracks will normally sound louder than jazz and classical music, and that's genre-standard. Some tracks may be intentionally less compressed to keep the dynamic range. We offer different approaches to this to meet various media projects' demands.

Are the tracks on Soundexter good for mobile devices?

We understand that many media will be accessed by the public with use of mobile devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, so we made sure the tracks keep the essential sound not only when played through a stereo-system with a subwoofer,

but also through a small mono speaker of a phone.

Can I have a preview of a track?

For better user experience, we let our visitors listen to full versions of tracks without any voiceovers on them. However, if you need a downloadable watermarked preview version, please contact us and we will send one to you.


Do I need to pay anything for using a track after licensing?

No. We don't charge anything for using the tracks under our licenses, the tracks are all

royalty-free. You make a payment when you purchase a license for a track, and that's it. However, please note that you should only use the track under the purchased license.

I have a charity project. Can I get a license at a discount?

Absolutely. We encourage and support good initiatives. Charity projects may be given up to 100% discounts, but you will need to contact us for more details.

Is there "a limit of copies" or "audience coverage" which may affect my Extended license?

No. We do not mind if it's played on a local or national radio, or if it's in a video that

gains 5 billion views. We're happy about your success and don't charge extra.

Can I transfer a purchased license or sublicense a track to anyone?

No. A license is only granted to the purchaser. If you wish to buy a license on behalf

of someone else or as a gift, please contact us and give us the details.

Are Soundexter licenses non-exclusive?

Our licenses that you can purchase on the website are non-exclusive. This means more than one person can license a track for their projects under these licenses. You can, however, purchase an exclusive license as a custom license, for which you will need to contact us to negotiate the conditions. Please note that if you purchase an exclusive license for a track, and this track has already been licensed by someone else under our Basic or Extended license, the purchasers of such licenses will keep all the rights they were granted, but we will immediately stop selling the track further.

Should I pay to any P.R.O. for using Soundexter tracks?

All of our tracks are P.R.O. clear, so that should not be a problem. We wrote all this music ourselves, and never granted a third-party organization any right to collect royalties for us. If there is any entity that claims you should pay anything for using a track, we are asking you to report such a case to us, and we will take care of that.

What do you mean by "one media project"?

Our Extended license allows you to use a track in one media project. By saying this, we mean a set of your works connected in terms of one common theme. For example, you can use a track in all of the videos in one blog, but not in two blogs. You can use a track in as many ads about one car model as you want, but not about two car models. For each new project, you will need a separate license. If you are not certain of which license is best applicable in a particular case, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Can I use the cover arts too?

No, You can purchase a license to use an audio track only, not any other elements of this website, such as texts, code, images or descriptions. Some of the pictures on this website were provided by Unsplash.


How do I pay for a License?

Through the website, you can check out with PayPal or, if you are from Russia, you will soon be able to pay with Yandex.Checkout (if PayPal isn't currently available in your country, or if you're from Russia, please contact us and we will send you an invoice). Click the picture of a track above the player or the button "Buy a license" on the player, and you'll get to the product page, then follow the instructions. Payments are up front, and you won't have to pay anything after the purchase. Upon checkout, you'll get a link with to the downloadable high-quality track. In case you purchase a Custom license, we'll agree on the payment method additionally - it can either be PayPal or a wire transfer, if you prefer so.

Are taxes included in the price of a license shown?

Yes. We have included all applicable taxes we are charged, so no extra artifacts should appear from our side. However, please note that payment or credit card processors may charge their extra fees for their services or currency conversion, etc.

Can I pay from a corporate account?

This may depend on the restrictions your bank imposes on your operations. If you're having trouble paying with your corporate account online, please contact us so we can send you a formal invoice to be paid via a wire transfer.


Do you issue coupon codes?

Absolutely, and we do that regularly. If you have a coupon code, enter it on the product page of the track you've chosen to buy a license for, and get your discount. Please note some coupon codes may be used once only, whereas others work for

an unlimited number of purchases.

Can I get a refund?

If an error happened. Purchases on Soundexter are non-refundable, so please read our License Agreement and Privacy Policy to make sure you agree with their terms. However, if you received a download link to a track that's different from the one you've purchased a license for, please contact us with the details and you will be sent another link.

I am seeing cyrillic symbols at the PayPal checkout, is anything wrong?

No. It just means your payment will be received by our European office, which uses a cyrillic alphabet (and it should therefore show ИП Константинов as the adressee. To us, it is awesome tax-wise and allows us to provide you with meaningful music at affordable prices.


What data should I enter before checkout?

We will ask your name and email, and we may also ask you about the company you work in or are purchasing the license on behalf of. The latter is optional, but it will greatly help us provide better after-sale services.

Do you see my payment data?

We receive all the information we request from you, for example, your email and name, but we do not have access to your credit card number and the data that are only handled by the payment processor you check out with. Please visit the website of the payment processor to learn how they handle your payment data.

Will you share my data with anyone?

In order to provide our services, we may only share the data we receive about you with our partners, for example, where we are hosted, This helps us provide you with timely support and make sure our services get better. Please view our Privacy Policy to learn more about how your personal data is processed.