Track bundles

This section is aimed at saving you some time. Searching for a couple of tracks that match each other is sometimes challenging and time-taking, so we gathered some of ours into small groups united by common instrumentation, mood or idea.

These tracks are not taken from different authors but all made by us, and we made sure that the instruments and moods truly match each other to keep your project's atmosphere consistent.

So, if you want to have more than one track for your project - check these out. And remember you can license each track separately, but bundles are all sold at discounts.

And, as usual, you can request a custom-edited version or a different tempo.

Fantasy Themes

The list of tracks made for anything fantasy or historically set. When you're making an RPG about elves or a medieval mobile strategy, these themes will come in handy. Some are more atmospheric, while others are good for epic battle scenes or intros. Works equally well in trailers or films.

Mobile Action Game

Emotional Piano

If your game has different levels, these are aimed to cover them musically. The same instrumentation but different melodies make users more involved but keep things consistent. Short loopable tracks to keep file sizes small if needed, and flexible tempo versions are available upon request.

These five are piano pieces that express different emotions, all with a cinematic vibe. When your movie or blog need a nostalgic, sad or simply calm atmosphere, they will asisst in keeping the tunes within one project relevant. They're also melodical enough to serve well as main themes. 

Guitar Leads

The five tracks are of relatively different moods, but united and centered by one common instrument - guitar. A bit bluesy, at times ambient and even groovy. Helpful both when you need a background track, or a leading romantic guitar melody to enhance your scenes.

Game Main Themes

TV Main Themes

If your task today is TV or radio imaging, here are some broadcast-focused themes. As intros, corporate backgrounds or jingles, these will serve best when it gets on air, or if a blog of yours needs a serious corporate pitch. Custom edits of the tracks are available upon request.

Sometimes you don't want many tracks in a game, but you have several games to release. This is the occasion this little bundle comes in for. They're for different game styles, so if you're a versatile developer, this might just be what you want before a massive release.

More bundles coming soon


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